Positive Strokes Art School
Positive Strokes Art School and Gallery offers classes and workshops to artists of all ages. Classes are
geared toward the individual, allowing artists to begin at their own level, be it beginning through advanced.
As teachers invested in helping others to expand their own creative selves. Our intention is to offer a comfortable spacewhere learning and self expression come naturally.

(ages 17-adult)
The Raku Experience!
Saturday, May 19 1:00-4:00

Adults and children over 14 with a parent. Raku is a pottery technique in which pots (previously high fired) are glazed with special glazes, fired in a raku kiln, removed redhot & reduction cooled. Done outdoors - creates a unique metallic, crackle or iron look.. The process takes about 2 hours so you may come anytime, stay as long as you want, but must arrive no later than 2:00. Instructors: John Blackwood / Stephanie Kowalcyk

Fee: $45 to fire two pieces of your own (must be high fire clay that has been fired once) Includes glazes. $60 to choose and fire 2 pieces of ours. Samples in Gallery.

Plein Aire Painting
Fridays June 15 and July 13 9:30-12:30

Time to get outside and paint! Capture the essence of the beauty around you on canvas! Join instructor Marlene Wood to paint outdoors! Painters will meet at Positive Strokes at 9:00
and drive to a nearby area. A suggested supply list will be available to those who register, via email, or by calling Positive
Strokes. Fees: $40 per day.

Painting With a Palette Knife
Sat., June 16 9:30-12:30

Bring a picture of your favorite landscape or still life (or choose one of ours) and learn the fun techniques of painting oils with a palette knife. Bring a stretched canvas or canvas board and oils. (palette knives available to use at studio)
Teacher: Marlene Wood Fee: $50

“Limited Palette Painting”
Saturday, July 14 9:30-2:30

Ever wonder how some artists come up with colors that you’ve never seen? Learn to paint with a limited palette to create beautiful natural colors and grey tones that are unachievable in ready made tubes. Bring a small canvas or board and palette knives (available to use at studio). A list of colors will be available when you register. Teacher: Marlene Wood Fee: $65

True Color Workshop
with nationally renowned artist Tim Chambers
June 20 - 22 (Wed., Thurs., Fri.) 9:00-12:00

Opportunity to stay and paint on your own in the afternoon on
Wednesday and Thursday for following day critique
Workshop to be held at a setting close to Palatine equipped
with shade and bathroom facilities – information upon
registration. Timothy Chambers is a life-long artist, growing up under the guidance and inspiration of his father, Bill Chambers, also an esteemed artist. Tim continued to learn from others: form and design from Cedric and Joanette Egeli, draftsmanship and execution from Richard Lack of the Boston School, watercolor and planning from Irviing Shapiro, anatomy from the New York Academy of Fine Art. It was his foray into Impressionism with American master Henry Hensche that truly sets his colorful landscapes and portraits apart from the crowd. Few artists are able to marry color and draftsmanship in such a passionate embrace. Tim believes that more than talent it is enthusiasm and joy that are integral to good art. He loves helping others to find delight in seeing, responding, and painting the world around them. Art is better if you're having a good time.

Workshop description: A delightful, fun, engaging, insightful "True Color Workshop" with nationally-recognized artist Tim Chambers. Tim has helped open the eyes of hundreds of students to see the beauty of natural color. In this fun workshop, Tim offers group and one-on one guidance to help you learn to see and paint true color as well as share insights on design, knowing when a painting is complete, tricks for more accurate draftsmanship and values. You'll learn how Tim recognizes the amazing color nuances in nature, how to mix paints to achieve those colors, how to capture the essence of hot sunlight, subtle shadows, overcast skies. You'll also learn tips on composition, visualization, using contrast, edges, texture, and color to achieve a three-dimensional quality to your work. Join us for a memorable workshop. You'll enjoy Tim's kind, engaging, encouraging, effective instruction.

Supply list: We will be working outdoors in sun and/or shade. Dress for comfort and sun protection. Wear neutral colors (bright colors reflect unfavorably into your paint surface).
For supply list please go to http://timothychambers.com/pleinair-supply-list/
All mediums and levels welcome

Please call to register or for more information


“The Great Smoky Mountains” Gatlinburg, Tennessee
The diverse and awe inspiring southern Appalachians are an artists dream! In addition to the magnificent panoramic mountains and landscape, diverse plants and animals, and historic structures, this area is also the most biodiverse park in the entire National Park system. The Spring season offers a display of flowering trees and colorful wildflowers. Cascading mountain streams and waterfalls add to the fact that The Great Smoky Mountains National Park has become America's most visit-ed national park.

April 21 – 28, 2018 All levels welcome! Instructor: Marlene Wood Water media artists and “friends of the artists” welcome. $850 includes housing & instruction $750—non participants

Gone Up North

Oct 1– 7, 2017

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, join us for one of our annual retreats where artists of all levels can awaken their creative juices.

Located on the shores of Lake Superior in Michigan’s Magnificent Upper Peninsula. An unforgettable artist retreat. Paint, draw, hike, tour, relax and enjoy beautiful fall surroundings. Instruction & critique in drawing, painting, composition and plein air oils & pastels. All levels welcome! Instructor: Marlene Wood

Water media artists and “friends of the artists” welcome. (plenty to do for a friend or spouse) $700 includes workshop & cabin. Non-participant fee: $550

Call for a full brochure!

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